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The territory of Magione

Amongst the territories of Trasimeno, Magione is the richest in castles, fortresses and manors, due to the fact that Perugia wished to erect defences near the borders of Tuscany and therefore, over time, built a fortress approximately every two kilometres over the entire eastern coast of the lake. Beginning with Torricella (Le Turricelle) which was a fortified Control Post equipped with a change of horses, lower down there was Monte del Lago, Zocco, Rocca Baglioni and then San Feliciano, the more internal Montecolognola and San Savino, all controlled by the Tower of Lambardi in Magione. Further inland, between the lake and Perugia, the defensive system included Antria, Coceto (now ruined), Caligiana, Montesperello, Montemelino and Rocca Monaldi, and south and southeast the Badia di Sant'Arcangelo, up to the castle of Agello, an important fortress guarding the southern confines.

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To visit in Passignano sul Trasimeno

La Rocca
The castle, built in three different historical periods, dates back to the 5th - 6th c.. Recently restored, is actually used as a Documentation centre for the territory.
San Cristoforo