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The ‘Carpine’, from which the original name of Magione sprang, is a birch tree whose hard white trunk is excellent for the construction of agricultural implements and carts. The abundance of these trees has favoured the development of this manufacturing activity since ancient times, slowly but continuously evolving over the years.Magione, the Town Council This attitude to business of the people of Magione grew and consolidated, developing into a wide range of artisan and commercial activities in various sectors and of varying proportions. The boom in tourism after the war involved lakeside villages such as Torricella, Monte del Lago, San Feliciano and Sant’Arcangelo, with a consequent increase of hotels and restaurants. Magione, AutodromeThe Nature Oasis and the Fishing Museum have also contributed to the local attractions and the Autodrome, constructed in the seventies, offers important occasions to motorbike and car racing enthusiasts. Theatre, music and dancing at the Mengoni Comunale theatre and in the cloisters of the Castle of the Cavaliers of Malta as well as numerous fairs and events, complete a rich and varied offer of entertainment for residents and tourists.


  • July 24 - Magione - Trasimeno Blues Festival
  • July 28 - Autodromo: Tourist Trophy